les TARIFS PxPlus V14 restent inchangés

Rappels Tarification PxPlus V14 :

  • Toutes les licences v10 et inférieures ne sont plus maintenues
  • Les upgrades de PVX à PX+ ne sont plus disponibles
  • Tous les prix ou références relatifs à ProvideX sont supprimés
  • Les upgrades de changements de plate-forme sont désormais impossibles
  • Un montant de 150 € sera facturé pour toute demande « manuelle » de générations de clé.
    (Cela afin d’inciter les clients à utiliser le système intégré à PX+ d’enregistrement en ligne.)

Nouveautés techniques V14 (extrait site pvxplus.com)

PxPlus 2017 consists of various new features and enhancements, including new Word and Excel Objects, a new Custom Title Bar feature, enhanced SQL performance, and new Security improvements.
Major New Features

Additional Features
Language Enhancements

  • TEXT mnemonic enhanced to support both vertical and horizontal graphical text alignment
  • Added:
    • 'U8' system parameter logic to use Bit 6 (Value 32) to control UTF-8 Support in CVS, UCS and LCS functions
    • New option for List Views to the SortOnHdrClick property to generate a CTL event and place an EOM code in the READ queue when the column header is clicked
    • New Make New Folder button in WindX GET_FILE_BOX
    • Ability to Enforce Journalization by restricting the closure of the journals or the disabling of journalization
    • New 'AC' system parameter that enables the system to automatically convert values to either a STR( ) or NUM( ) function, depending on whether it detects a numeric value when expecting a string value (or vice-versa)
    • Image Scaling support for List View controls
    • Ability to use the Popup_Menu directive to invoke the system menu programmatically
    • Font Mapping support to *PDF* when using LibHaru ('HP'=1)
    • New Make Link File button to WindX Connection Manager for creating .windx link files as shortcuts to simplify connections
    • New AutoFit Grid property that forces the associated Grid to resize the column currently selected by the 'Colno or 'Column property to the width required to fit its contents
    • New mouse pointer icon when hovering over a button in a Grid

Enhanced IDE, NOMADS and Toolkit

  • Included the Change Bulk Edit/Property Sort Order option in all NOMADS Panel Designers
  • Improved accessibility to the creation and maintenance of Info Tips for all applicable controls
  • Replaced Shell Explorer with the new Chromium Browser control throughout the toolkit (i.e. Google Maps)
  • Dialogue attribute set to On by default for new panels created in NOMADS
  • Enhanced Print Panel Utility to accommodate the printing of more groups
  • Improved usability of the Bulk Program Scan/Edit Utility
  • Improved usability of Grid Presets by clearing all values in the row when the Property column is changed
  • Added:
    • New Custom Title Bar to the development toolkit
    • New Customize button to Library Object Selection
    • New iNomads Menu to Library Object Selection for creating and testing panels in iNomads
    • Vertical and horizontal alignment capability to Fonted Text controls in NOMADS
    • New Library Bulk Edit Utility for globally changing panel header and control properties
    • New Chromium Browser control to COM Control properties
    • Full Screen Drag capability to panels at different levels: System Wide, in Library Defaults and in Panel Header
    • Ability to create HTML-Type Info Tips
    • Ability to apply Themes at different levels: System Wide, in Library Defaults and in Panel Header
    • New Ignore Change Flag property to applicable controls (i.e. Check Box, Multi-line, etc.) to indicate whether the NOMADS CHANGE_FLG variable will be updated
    • New Tab Height property to Folder controls to adjust the tab height for a sidebar Folder
    • New Info Tip to the IDE History and Project tabs to list the task icons and the types they represent
    • About dialog to the IDE menu bar to display detailed licensing information about the current PxPlus installation and list activated packages, if applicable
    • Ability to define Web Services as tasks that can be added to the IDE menu system
    • New Logical File Name field to the System Utilities file information display for PxPlus Keyed and EFF files
    • New Include Sub-Directories option in Project Maintenance that is used when building a list of tasks to add to a project


  • Updated SSL to OpenSSL version 1.0.2g libraries
  • Added:

PxPlus Licensing and Registration

  • Online Registration has been enhanced to handle version upgrades, expired keys and license moves.
  • To allow for changes in the way user counts are controlled and to improve performance, the user count mechanism on Windows has changed for this release. As a result of this change, a Windows workstation cannot share its user slot between this version and any prior PxPlus version. For example, if a workstation runs both a PxPlus 2016 and a PxPlus 2017 concurrently using the same license file (ACTIVATE.PVX), this will be counted as two users.


  • Added:
    • New QPRINT format to the CVS function to convert to/from Quoted Printable text
    • Support to the CVS function to accept HTML
    • New FIN function value TLS that returns the protocol version number of TLS in use


  • Added:
    • New DEF NAR directive to reduce the number of arguments that a program sees
    • New LOCK format to SYSTEM_JRNL OPEN directive to restrict the closure of the journals or the disabling of journalization
    • New STATIC WHERE clause to SELECT directive when used with external databases

OPTION Mnemonics

  • Added new options:
    • SignalCaptionChg generates a specified CTL value nnnn when the caption on the current window is changed
    • GrayDisabledBmp sets the display of images on disabled buttons to either gray scale or shadows
    • ClrHighlight sets the background colors used to display currently selected items from a List Box or Drop Box and display the background in a Multi-Line when it has focus
    • ClrHighlightText sets the text colors used to display currently selected items from a List Box or Drop Box and display the text in a Multi-Line when it has focus
    • GridAlignLines sets Multi-line text (lines separated by line feed $0a$) in a Grid Button-style cell so that each line of text will be individually aligned as per the 'Align$ property
    • CbxImage defines the pathname to the image to be used for the customized Check Box
    • CbxMarkSize sets the size of the Check Box image to be used for the customized Check Box
    • RbtImage defines the pathname to the image to be used for the customized Radio Button
    • RbtMarkSize sets the size of the Radio Button image to be used for the customized Radio Button

Note:  All of the above options are also available to read using the FIN function.

Data Dictionary

  • Improved accessibility to the Global Dictionary and added ability to update to the Global Dictionary from any Data Dictionary record
  • Enhanced browsing capabilities in Data Dictionary Maintenance
  • Added:

Ed+ Program Editor

  • Improved line formatting behavior when using the END SWITCH directive
  • Added:
    • New slider between the Book Marks list and program work area to control the size of these sections
    • F4 keyboard method for closing the selected program
    • CTRL+O keyboard method for opening the standard GET_FILE_BOX

Data Validation

  • Enhanced IOLIST directive with additional data validation attributes based on Data Dictionary elements
  • Added:

Enhanced Database Access and Performance

  • Added:
    • Ability to update only changed fields in generated statements
    • New STATIC WHERE clause to SELECT directive for enhanced External Database Access to filter the results before sending back to PxPlus

Enhanced Query

Enhanced Web Services/Dashboard

Simple Client Server


iNomads Enhancements

  • Improved the Admin and IDE template styles and added new Cats template
  • Enhanced TEXT mnemonic to support both vertical and horizontal graphical text alignment
  • Enhanced SortOnHdrClick property for List View controls
  • Added:
    • New Template Configuration option to include a Help Button on the title line
    • New Template Configuration option to Open a Menu on Hover rather than by clicking
    • New Template Configuration option to select a Query View
    • New Test Button to iNomads Setup window to display a template on a Web browser in Test mode
    • Support for CELL DOUBLE CLICK to iNomads Grids
    • Image Scaling support to List View controls

Corrections and Minor Changes

  • Improved usability and addressed a number of GET_FILE_BOX issues when using WindX
  • Resolved issue with BEGIN * directive not closing certain global files
  • Enhanced Program Compare logic to not display differences when comparing the same numbered and non-numbered program
  • Modified 'CellFormat logic when formatting a large value in a Grid
  • Resolved tab order issue when using embedded panels
  • Improved the loading of data in Query+ when using a prefix on an alternate key
  • Addressed issue with a popup menu appearing in a Grid without defining a popup
  • Resolved the vertical centering of centered panels
  • Enhanced the display of the PDF viewer in the Edge browser
  • Improved the display of Shapes in the NOMADS Panel Designer when using a specified radius value
  • Corrected problem with record length being adjusted due to field insertion in EFF file handling
  • Resolved issue with losing function keys when using NOMADS+
  • Corrected LST(IOL()) issue that caused the system to stop working
  • Improved the display of Query buttons when Multi-line height is less than 1
  • Corrected buffer allocation for Text property in a Grid
  • Improved CVS URL formatting to correctly encode certain special characters
  • Resolved issue with drawing a control at position 0,0 in NOMADS+
  • Corrected problem with 'FOR WINDOW' objects not being dropped
  • Improved *PDF* file handling when using FORM and ORIENTATION options
  • Resolved Alt-Key issues in Data Dictionary Maintenance
  • Fixed file pathing issue in Historical File Splitting utility
  • Corrected issue with *IT creating a new line when pasting to a program using line numbers
  • Improved WindX Command mode window cursor positioning when using backspace or arrow key
  • Added Tip processor logic so that if TC=-2 is not set, it will only use INFOTIPS if the tip text starts with <!Doctype, <h1> or <html>
  • New Transparent Background attribute added for Multi-lines in Bulk Edit Utilities
  • New 'IL' system parameter added for controlling the LOCAL option


  • Adjusted Grid cell tips logic to improve display and support line feeds in iNomads
  • Improved the handling of the color table
  • Fixed issue with iNomads class when used as an expression
  • Corrected problem with button click not being properly discarded in sidebar Folders
  • Addressed issue with On Timer when defined on a panel
  • Added support for # option in SortColFmt$ to Grids

Additional Help Changes

Other Changes for Reference
NOMADS Properties Added

Environment Variables Added

  • PVX_CERTIFICATES defines the default setting for WindX SSL Certificate validation
  • PVX_CERTSTORE defines the default WindX SSL Certificate store
  • PVX_JOURNAL is used to start a SYSTEM_JRNL_OPEN and enable journalization with the option to apply a lock
  • PXP_LOGFILE is the path of the log file used by the NOMADS Run-Time Events Logging tool
  • PXP_CS_OPT is set on the WindX host to define any number of semi-colon separated options that will be added to the option specified on the host Command line
  • PXP_CS_OPT_CLIENT is set on the WindX client (workstation) to define any number of semi-colon separated options that will be added to the option specified on the client Command line
  • PXPSPAWN_CMD is used to force either NOHUP or SETSID when spawning a UNIX/Linux PxPlus session
  • WDXTRUST is set on the client to define any number of trusted servers for enhanced WindX Security